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What is an apostille?
This is the documentary device by which a government department, usually the State Department, Justice Ministry or Foreign Ministry, authenticates a document as genuine, thereby legalizing it for use in another member country under the terms laid out in 1961. Once a document has been Apostilled, thereby providing official government authentication of the signatures and stamps appearing on it, it is automatically deemed legalized for use in another member country.
Why Authentication is required?

Documents issued in home country and intended for use in another country must be "authenticated" or "legalized" in order to be recognized as valid in the foreign country. The type of authentication or legalization you will need depends on the nature of the document.

Why Attestation of certificates is necessary?
Attestation of Educational Certificate is necessary to obtain an employment visa or an Employment Labour Card, to pursue higher education in a foreign country, to show MoH (Ministry of Health) and DoH (Dept. of Health), to get the equivalent certificates or other important prospects. 
Attestation of Non-Educational Certificate is also necessary to obtain residence visa for self, wife, children, in-laws or other family members, for school admission of children, power of Attorney, for the removal of LLC partnership and to get the experience certificates.
Why Apostilles are normally used for?
An apostille can be used to refer to the legalization of a document for international use. It has the purposes of international marriages, adoptions, inheritance, to open bank account, but also for plain contracts.
Why do I need an Apostille and what does it do for me?
An Apostille is required for legal transactions where a document from one country must be presented in another as part of a legal process. 
Most member countries agree that a document which has been legalized with an Apostille Certificate in its country of origin will be accepted in any other member country. Most often this will involve business transactions but is becoming more common for property dealings and to settle the estate of a deceased person with assets overseas. Some of the most common documents requiring legalization with an Apostille Certificate are Powers of Attorney, Passports, Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates.
What is the safe and security of document handling in your company?
We are a trusted company comprising a team of highly experienced and well-trained staff in the field of document handling. Our company follows a certain series of steps during the attestation, apostille and documentation process so that none of the documents goes missing. Special attention is given to each document throughout the whole process i.e., from collection to delivery.
What is the receipt or proof when original documents are sending through courier and by postal service?
Once the document reaches our office, we usually do call or E-mail instantly to the sender to ensure the acknowledgment of receipt of such vital records, it will prove to you that your documents are in safe hands.
What are the procedures to get a certificate attested from India?
Both Educational and Non-Educational Certificates are attested through
  Both Educational and Non-Educational Certificates are attested through
  Notary (New Delhi & Maharashtra, Mumbai)
  Home Department (Maharashtra, Mumbai)
  Ministry of External Affairs, Apostille (New Delhi)
  Embassy for GCC &x European Countries (New Delhi)
  SDM (Sub Divisional Magistrate)
  GAD (General Administration Department)
The duration and the processing time are subject to the rules as assigned in India.
How long will the Apostille process take?
Most Apostilles & Certifications are completed in four to six business days. We also offer quick service, expedited service if requested.
Which countries do you attest from India?
We attest all the Embassies for Gulf Countries as well as Malaysia etc from India.
Which countries do you apostille from India?
We do apostille for UK, USA, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Singapore, Nigeria, Switzerland, Netherlands etc.
What is legalization?
Documents issued in one country ('Source Country') which need to be used in another country ('Destination Country') must be 'authenticated' or 'legalized' before they can be recognized as valid document in the foreign country. This is a process in which various seals are placed on the document.
What kinds of documents are usually legalized?
Such documents range from powers of attorney, affidavits, birth, death and marriages records, incorporation papers like company by laws and articles of incorporation , deeds of assignments, license, distributorship agreements, patent applications and trademarks, papers for adoption purposes, home studies, diplomas, transcripts, letters relating to degrees, non-marital status, references and job certifications and other legal papers .
What is State level Attestation?
At present most of the HRD and MEA authentications are done in Delhi. But state level authentication of HRD is also happening in some State's Home Ministry Departments. If attestation is done in Mumbai consulate then certificates has to be authenticated by Mumbai notary, home ministry.
***We'll help you to get your Document Legalization, Apostilization, MEA Apostille, Certificate Attestation, MHRD Authentication Consultant from New Delhi, Surat, Gujrat, Gandhi Nagar, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata etc.

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